Work plan and methodology

Created on Monday, 25 August 2014


The overall project work-plan is divided in five main thematic phases:

Phase 1 – Phase 1 aims to specify the requirements and specifications of the COncORDE platform and how it will fit with the current systems used by the domain experts across Europe and beyond.

Phase 2Technology research and system design (System modules implementation and integration): Phase 2 aims to transform the outputs of Phase 1 into the COncORDE architecture, framework and the COncORDE platform.

Phase 3 – Evaluation and trials: Phase 3 aims to test and validate the COncORDE platform against a series of evaluation criteria, use case scenarios and large scale pilots.

Phase 4 – Impact, Dissemination and Exploitation: Phase 4 aims to facilitate collaboration of relevant stakeholders along the process, to collect input from end-users in order to refine the platform development, to communicate the progress made and prepare the exploitation of COncORDE in European environment.

Phase 5 – Co-ordination and Project management: COncORDE will adopt an AGILE type approach to development which offers a good compromise between the traditional waterfall approaches where a project step must be complete before the next one can start and a RAD approach where an over-fragmented approach may damage the quality and integrity of the final outcome.