Aims and objectives

Created on Tuesday, 02 September 2014


  1. Improve PREPAREDNESS and interoperability of medical services during emergencies and mass disaster events, which affect the health and wellbeing of large parts of the population at local, regional or cross-border level
  2. Optimise the coordination and quality of RESPONSE of an open ecosystem of users, to allow different constellation of crisis response participants according to the demands of the situation
  3. Facilitate ongoing monitoring, EVALUATION and improvement of response and integration of all results into an intelligent training system, that allows ongoing enrichment by users

The project will attempt to bring together
Disaster taxonomies
Preparedness methodologies
Intelligence and analysis tools
Response scenarios
Logistic models
Training methodologies
in a comprehensive framework addressing the most effective role of healthcare systems in mass disaster emergency events. The project includes detailed descriptions (schemas) for each process participant (stakeholder) and an integrated scheme for mutual process management.

COncORDE will achieve its objectives by the development of an innovative comprehensive set of tools integrated into a knowledge-enabled DSS with social networking facilities (as a means of an additional data source) at a level not seen before. It will allow measurement of outcomes of training and response.