Created on Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Crisislab is a foundation, which is part of the Chair on Crisis Management and the Politics of Safety, held by Prof. Dr. Ira Helsloot of the Radboud University Nijmegen. Crisislab specializes in scientific research, policy advice and training on a diverse set of topics such as public resilience, physical safety policies, symbolism and precautionary culture, frontline steering, crisis decision making, fire management, crisis communication and infectious disease management. Crisislab has organized courses on both an academic level and a practitioner level on crises and crisis communication. Crisislab has been involved with numerous programs for Dutch ministerial departments on crisis management, self-resilience and crisis communication. Crisislab has evaluated local, regional and national (crisis and disaster) incidents (most recently the Dutch response to the H1N1 outbreak) with respects to both general crisis management as well as crisis communication. More information is available here.

Role in project

CrisisLab will contribute to the requirements, the domain-specific use cases, pilot scenarios / story boards and the dissemination activities of the project. Their analytical role is shown under the description of the Workpackages. More specific, CrisisLab has contributed to the following working packages: WP1 (Requirements analyses), WP2 (COncORDE framework architecture), WP7 (Domain-specific use cases & pilots), WP8 (Dissemination, communication and training) and WP9 (Commercial exploitation).


Prof. Dr. Ira Helsloot

Ira Helsloot has over 15 years of experience in research on crisis management and the politics of safety in different kinds of research positions. He is one of the few Dutch professors in the field of crisis and disaster management. He conducted numerous literature studies in this field. He is author of several scientific peer reviewed publications on citizen response to disaster and is editor of the Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management. Furthermore, he is involved in many crisis and fire evaluations with national impact. He combines an overall view on crisis management organization with specific research on topics like resilience, human behaviour during crisis and crisis communication.


Dr. Astrid Scholtens

Astrid Scholtens has over 15 years of experience in research on disaster and crisis management. Currently as Head Research for Crisislab and before as Head Research for the Dutch Institute for Firefighting and Disaster Management (Nibra) and as senior inspector in the Public Order and Safety Inspectorate of the ministery of Internal Affairs. She also was a lector in crisismanagement at the Netherlands Institute for Safety (IFV) and the National Police Academy. Here she primarily conducted applied research through which she developed knowledge regarding crisismanagement which she then injected into the educational programs. Astrids areas of expertise are: developing and implementing public community care, citizen resilience during crises and aspects of multidisciplinairy cooperation, in specific command and the way professionals make decisions decisions under time constrains.


Michiel In ’t Veld MSc BBA

Michiel in ‘t Veld is a researcher at Crisislab. He has received a MSc in Public Administration from the VU University in Amsterdam and an BBA in Integrated Safety Management from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer. After his studies he worked as researcher, respectively for the Netherlands Institute for Safety and for the National Police Academy of the Netherlands. He is author of a scientific publication on self-resilience during the Enschede Fireworks disaster, author of a book about information sharing through briefings in different Dutch police forces and author of the COSMIC guidelines for Social Media Use in Crisis

Management. Michiel has also been involved in a project for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior on civilians and risk perception for a programme on risk and responsibilities.


Gaby van Melick MSc

Gaby van Melick is a researcher at Crisislab. She holds a MSc in Public Administration from the Radboud University Nijmegen, with the specialisation ‘governing safety’. During this master Gaby was an intern at the Society and Safety Foundation (Stichting Maatschappij en Veiligheid). Here she researched the behaviour, and the underlying motifs, of citizens towards enforcers. At Crisislab she has mainly been engaged in research on the self-resilience of citizens and proportional safety policy. As one of the authors of the COSMIC guidelines for Social Media Use in Crisis Management, Gaby has also gathered insight on the (possible) use of social media in emergency and crisis situations.