Public Safety Communication Europe

Created on Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Finding its origins in the project supported by the European Commission (DG INFSO) in 2006, the Public Safety Communication Europe Forum (PSCE) is a permanent autonomous organisation aiming at improving provision of public safety services and the safety of the citizens during crisis and emergency situations. PSCE provides a common platform for researchers, industry and users to meet and network, learn about technologies used for public safety and influence policy makers at European level. More information is available here.

Role in project

PSCE will be the overall responsible for the dissemination activities of the project.



Marie-Christine BONNAMOUR

Marie-Christine Bonnamour, specialised in European affairs and law, is the Secretary General of PSCE. Besides the management of the association, she is leading PSCE EU projects. Her work for first responders and health care professionals during the last 15 years is an asset.  


Robert MISKUF is Project Manager at PSCE. He has extensive experience in dissemination, communication and exploitation activities related to EU funded projects. In CONCORDE, Robert is mainly involved in WP8 and he is responsible for the maintenance of COncORDE website.