Konnekt-able Technologies Limited

Created on Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Konnekt-able Technologies is a technology research and development firm, based in the Republic of Ireland. Our vision is simple – to create connections – through technology, through the practical application of research, and through collaboration. Konnekt-able’s principals have extensive experience in research work and in following that work through to the commercial marketplace. 

Konnekt-able’s Software Engineers, Analysts and Programmers keep abreast of all major technology innovations and developments that can add value to our business activities. We are using a series of development platforms, chosen on the basis of their suitability, adaptability, scalability and flexibility, to successfully design and implement custom-built solutions, which meet complex customer requirements under strict Service Level Agreements where applicable.

Role in project

KT leads the integration of COncORDE platform and is responsible for the implementation of the Incident information tool, team management tool and hospital management tool as part of the incident management module. Furthermore KT leads the trust, security and legal Infrastructure of COncORDE. Analytical role is shown under the description of the Work packages.


Dr Aggelos Liapis

Dr. Angelos Liapis (♂) is the CEO of Konnekt-able. He has worked as an R&D Director, senior R&D manager, active researcher and ICT specialist with experience in implementing and managing EC funded ICT projects.
His areas of interest and expertise include: Innovation Management, BigData, CSCW, Semantics, Web 2.0, eGovernment, eHealth, Crisis Management, Cloud Computing and Enterprise Interoperability. He has strong skills in project and quality management activities, business process analysis, preparation and maintenance of project quality plans, quality reporting, responsibility of the deliverables, preparation of project reports and coordination of consortia of multimillion R&D projects. He has excellent knowledge of project management methodologies and tools.

Since 2004, he has worked in several relevant posts in both academia and industry, and in 2009 he was honoured with the position of associate professor / senior research fellow from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Dr. Aggelos Liapis – was a Marie Currie PostDoc on the three dimensional anatomical human research and training network, holds a PhD in Computer Mediated Collaborative Design Environments from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, two Masters Degrees from the Universities of Sunderland and Hull in Network Systems and Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments, respectively, and a Bachelor’s degree in Software Development from Lincoln University in Hull.

Beyond his academic and industrial duties Dr. Liapis has edited three books and authored several papers, journals and book chapters in the areas of CSCW, Collaborative Design, Semantics, Crisis Management etc.