Created on Wednesday, 03 September 2014

INOVA+ is the Portuguese leading company in the field of the promotion, management and execution of international projects on Innovation, Research and Technological Development, providing the knowledge, the management capacity, the partnerships and the technical and financial supports needed in their execution. More information is available here.

Role in project

INOVA will support the requirements, technical specifications and use cases. Analytical role is shown under the description of the Workpackages.



Alfredo Silva

Technology consultant

Alfredo Silva has a Degree in Systems Engineering, and over 20 years of experience working in IT projects. For the last ten years he has worked extensively as a technology consultant, and as manager of various European and national projects in various technological areas, including several in the IT area. Alfredo has worked with, and provided consultancy services for, a large number of IT-related technologies and methodologies.

José Barros

Technology consultant

José Barros is a software engineer with a decade of professional experience on IT projects and entrepreneurial endeavours. He has served as CEO and technical leader of a company delivering innovative products and services addressing emerging market opportunities. José has performed different team roles, and worked with a vast number of technologies and methodologies throughout his career relating to software development.