Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH)

Created on Wednesday, 03 September 2014

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUH) is a leading centre for specialist care and a provider of local services with a world-wide reputation as a foremost university teaching hospital. CUH is one of only six biomedical research centres in the UK, undertaking world-class research. CUH’s partnership with Cambridge University and the Medical Research Council is driving the vision to become the best biomedical research campus in Europe. More information is available here.

Role in project

CUH is the coordinator and the medical facility to be used as a provider of user requirements and an end user in the project. Analytical role is shown under the description of the Workpackages.



 Dr. Toni Staykova, FRACP

Coordinator COncORDE EU Project

Toni is a specialist physician/geriatrician with 25 years clinical experience in acute medicine. Toni currently leads the EU Unit at Cambridge University Hospitals and is active in the field of EU funded clinical innovation.


 Dr. Rod Mackenzie TD, PhD, FRCP, FRCS, FRCEM

Clinical Lead COncORDE EU project

Dr. Rod Mackenzie is an Emergency Physician with a sub-specialist clinical interest in Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine and an academic interest in injury epidemiology. He is currently a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Pre-hospital Emergency Medicine at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is also the Clinical Director for the East of England Major Trauma Centre. Throughout his career, he has been involved in a managing number of large-scale emergencies both in the civilian and military setting.


 Takis Kotis

Project Coordination and Utilisation COncORDE EU Project

Takis has a degree in Health Economics and a MBA from the University of  Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has worked for the Mayo Clinic and the Royal Brompton Hospital and is currently involved in international projects at Cambridge University Hospitals.

Takis has 20 years experience in setting up telemedicine and EU funded innovation projects. He has special interest in crisis management and is actively engaged in crisis training to hospital managers in Greece.  Takis is a crisis consultant at the Greek National Centre for Health Operations EKEPY.

James Taylor

Use Case Advisor COncORDE EU Project

James is a Paramedic, and has a wide range of experience in health care management and leadership. James has a BA (Hons) in International Management and an MSc in Health Care Management. His research dissertation focused upon engaging ambulance clinicians in transformational organisational change. James is currently a Programme Manager within the Safety & Quality Support Unit.


Judith Leigh

Executive Assistant COncORDE EU Project

Judith is the Executive Assistant to the Director of Strategy and Planning and the EU Unit and supports the COncORDE project coordinator with administrative expertise.