The notification tool

Created on Thursday, 24 November 2016

The notification tool is built upon existing notification functionalities on the ESRI map by partner ESRI. The new development consists in the creation of the multiple different links from each tool to create notifications, decisions on the actions (e.g. confirm, reject), the display, the need for alerts etc. Although the underlying technology is straightforward, the actual design of the tool requires a lot of alignment with the other tools, testing, feedback on usability, scenario run-throughs of multiple options etc. The collaboration for this tool is between partner ESRI and all other technical partners, whose tools enable notifications. Further, some knowledge management support for the design of the notification rules to enable collaborative decision making will be provided by partner VTT. Partners CUH and HRT contribute to the design of the UI and continue to work on testing the completeness of the requirements for the presentation of the information. For this reason, the final design will be proposed once the other tools are developed to pre-integration stage and their interplay can be simulated.