The event log and replay tool

Created on Thursday, 24 November 2016

The event log and replay tool developed by partner ED can query the system and extract logged activity – time, user, log.


To extract the content of this activity the query tool links with each relevant COncORDE tool. Through this approach any information can be made available to the users for viewing. Examples for such queries are: Show me my activity in time. Show me all notifications on dangers with time and source, etc. One version of a log of important events is planned to be visible on the main incident screen. Once a certain stage of development is reached, this tool will be able to be tested and enrichment of function maybe possible then. One such example would be settings – to be able to set what the log should show to a user.

Given that the COncORDE system will be able to obtain the incident data as described, then the event log and replay tool is a logical feature, which helps leverage the overview of the situation.