DSS for patient management

Created on Thursday, 24 November 2016

The decision support service for patient management, developed by UCY, addresses the needs for transport vehicle allocation to patients during evacuation and subsequently first receiver (hospital) allocation. It addresses multiple patients, multiple vehicles and multiple first receivers at the same time, considering their profile in terms of needs, available capacity and expertise. The decision support is provided in two steps; first, the tool recommends allocation of patients to available vehicles, at the same time considering the most appropriate hospital given the specialty required, the urgency (time to hospital) and the best route time calculation. Second, the tool recommends the hospitals to which each vehicle should travel, given the pre-allocated patients. This tool receives information about the needs of patients from the patient status information tool (ESRI), bed capacity from the hospital information tool (KT), hospital locations and times to destinations from the map tool (ESRI), information on available teams and vehicles, as well as their locations from the incident management tool (KT), semantic matching of patient profiles to vehicle and first receiver profiles from the semantic knowledge management tool (VTT). The function of this tool depends on the system providing all the information required. It has already attracted interest of stakeholders.