The COncORDE map

Created on Thursday, 24 November 2016

The COncORDE map is a central tool to the entire system and is developed by partner ESRI. It is based on pre-existing ESRI technologies, which are used to develop COncORDE specific functionalities. New functionalities are developed to link the ESRI maps to every location related query or event during the incident, put it in the correct context, associate it with the correct tool in real-time and connect to the relevant databases. The COncORDE map supports not only geographical maps to be displayed, but it allows interactive work with the maps in real time, drawing, messaging, viewing participant and tracked asset location at any one time, viewing the associated information with the located participant/tracked asset, as well as conversion of map view to tabular views of all participants and tracked assets. In addition to that it allows inclusion of the participants from the public (bystanders) in terms of location tracking, messaging and information exchange. It also allows integration of third party service providers, such as weather, traffic and social network information. Needless to say, it provides “best route” calculations and suggestions and provides input into the decision support services/DSS tool for patient management (hospital allocation, evacuation and allocation to transport). This complex service setup is easy to use, not only because its design is based on intensive exchanges with the real users who have strong views of the support they require from the COncORDE map. The usability features of the COncORDE map also build on prior domain experience of ESRI as a leading map service technology provider. Many of the usability features have been tested and successfully applied in ESRI commercial products on the market.


In order to provide the full service, ESRI technology (COncORDE map functionalities) links with the technology developed by other partners, such as the system integration environment and databases created by partner ED, the patient information which comes from partner NCSR’s Rescue tool and Field application, the tool for linking users to track their location developed by partner NCSR, the semantic engine of partner VTT, the decision support algorithms and tool of partners UCY, NCSR and VTT, the and the incident management tool of partner KT, which coordinates all responders of an incident and the resource. In addition, as will be explained below, it also links to the virtual training tool of partner CTAS. Partners CUH and HRT contribute to the design of the UI of the map.

At the same time, for the purposes of a meaningful exploitation, the ESRI COncORDE map tool should be able to function independently, i.e. in operational settings, with some modifications, depending on what other databases and tools it would link to. This way it can be commercialised as a freestanding tool as well.


The COncORDE map is a central part of the incident management screen, which was originally called the incident e-form. This main screen is the main place, from which any incident related information could be navigated to with 1-2 easy steps.