The bystander management tool

Created on Thursday, 24 November 2016

This tool is jointly supported by the map functionalities (ESRI), which include a social map for the members of the public to participate in a specific incident and by the user registration tool (ED). It allows bystanders to join the social space of an incident nearby and communicate with each other, as well as provide information to other bystanders, as well as responders. That means that the information uploaded by bystanders will be propagated to the incident management tool (KT) and will be categorised and displayed, so that it becomes visible that it comes from the public (i.e. unconfirmed by professional responders but still can be considered). The tool allows display of the information, viewing the geo-location where the information was sent from, as well as viewing bystander credentials in case any inclusion in the team is considered. This means that potentially a bystander could become a member of the team and feature in the team table, for this to happen, there needs to be cross-linking with the team management tool (KT).

The concept for what the system should do to effectively incorporate bystanders was designed by partner CrisisLab, with contributions from CUH and HRT.