COncORDE participates in the Information Infrastructuring Workshop

Created on Tuesday, 31 January 2017


On 26 January, Concorde participated in a workshop co-organised by the EU FP7 projects SecInCoRe, EPISECC, SECTOR, and REDIRNET, in association with PSCE, the Centre for Mobilities Research and the University of Lancaster under the auspices of the 9th Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference.

Dr. Toni Staykova, COncORDE project coordinator delivered a speech on ‘COncORDE and the Incident data for EMS’ presenting on the common information space developed on past. The focus is on the operational level. There is the assumption that the users are registered or pre-registered so they are verified. COncORDE aims to connect all of the responders and actors that are present to the scene. Regarding the level of information-sharing between the different actors and responders, the general principles are: an actor only needs to know the information. The responder needs to know: incident information (pre-determined). COncORDE provides the minimum data set of patient information that needs to be known and documented in mass casualty situations. This set is based on the medical expertise, plus analysis on patient ambulance forms from different sources and multiple real life situations. In COncORDE field EMS staff (as in hospitals) can access patient information, while transport staff only access the information of their patient. Lastly, hospitals only access information of the patients who have been referred to them. Lastly, Ms. Staykova mentioned that the COncORDE team has been proactive in the design aiming to minimise ELSI issues.

The full presentation is available here.