COncORDE to participate in the WADEM congress in Canada

Created on Tuesday, 24 January 2017

COncORDE will participate in the international medical congress WADEM in Toronto, Canada on 25-28 April 2017. WADEM’s 20th biennial meeting of global experts aims to provide a forum to exchange knowledge and best practices on pre-hospital and in-hospital emergency medical care, disaster health and response, and emergency public health and safety. It will be co-hosted by the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and the CBRNE Collaborative.
WADEM is interested in information systems and situational awareness. The congress participants are interested in learning about COncORDE’s expertise in running EU funded projects. COncORDE will be provided the opportunity to present its experience in an audience comprised of a large number of responders.
The opportunities for COncORDE are:

  • Presenting the spectrum of what is being done
  • Providing a simulation, some hospitals will be registered in the COncORDE system
  •  Dispatching people, exchanging messages
  • Representing the necessary minimum of the basic anatomy of COncORDE
  •  Integrating the database with people outside.


More information about the WADEM congress is available here: