ConCORDE is pleased to announce its new tools on the ConCORDE Website

Created on Thursday, 01 December 2016




On 24 November the ConCORDE website was upgraded with new tools. The aim of the upgrade is to make the website user-friendly and make navigation easier. Moreover it

provides more information on the ConCORDE project, its development as well as its implementation.

The upgraded version includes 12 new subsections and 8 sub-subsections. The upgrade includes the ConCORDE map, tracking tools for responders, a notification tool, incident and hospital management tool as well as training tools. In detail:

  1. The COncORDE map is a central part of the incident management screen, where any incident related information can be navigated.
  2. The responder, resource and patient tracking tool tracks responders, patients and tagged assets and provides real time information to the map.
  3. The notification tool is built upon existing notification functionalities on the ESRI map by partner ESRI;
  4. The patient status information tool (Patient e-form) which aggregates the entire information gathered on a patient during his emergency management.
  5. The incident management tool which comprises of:
  • The incident information tool whose aim is to collect and aggregate all the information provided about the incident.
  • The team management tool (Team table) aggregates the information about any participant logged into the incident and presents it in a very intuitive and easy to oversee way.
  • The hospital management tool is supported by the ESRI database. It provides the ability to easily communicate with hospitals to obtain information on hospital capacity.

      6.   The bystander management tool allows bystanders to communicate with each other, provide information to other bystanders, as well as responders.

     7.  The semantic knowledge management tool which enables the domain analysis and data mining towards the content interpretation, search and inter-linking for relevant suggestions.

     8.  The DSS tools comprises of:

  • DSS for predictions deals with predictions of number of victims and related resource needs, based on type of incident and other incident related information and historical data.
  • DSS for team management deals with the role allocation on the field according to the credentials of available participants and the current resource needs.
  • DSS for patient management addresses the needs for transport vehicle allocation to patients during evacuation and subsequently first receiver (hospital) allocation.

    9.  The user registration tool and databases are provided by partner ED.

   10.  The event log and replay tool are developed by partner ED can query the system and extract logged activity – time, user, log.

   11.  The training tools are necessary better prepare for incidents, crises and disasters, proper training and regular exercises are a major activity for all crisis management actors. The training tools include:

   12.  MeTracker is a distributed computer-based tool that support users (training staff) managing all phases and tasks in a defined training process.

  13.  The virtual training tool is operated by partner CTAS is based on pre-existing licensed software for virtual reality. It is a flexible simulation training solution for scenario training, mission rehearsal.

  14.  The training observation and evaluation tool builds on pre-existing methodology of partner CTAS, which will be adapted to the COncORDE environment and needs.

The new architecture is available in the link below: