ProximAid Receives Recognition at International Conferences

Created on Friday, 22 April 2016

ProximAid, a mobile app developed by COncORDE project partners, enables peer-to-peer adhoc communications using Wi-Fi direct technology. The app has two modes – normal and emergency. The normal mode can be used in everyday situations, but the emergency mode allows the app to remain operable in instances where telecommunication infrastructure is destroyed by natural or man-made disasters and people need a way to seek help and communicate. The distributed localisation mechanism of the app allows entities, including people and resources, to be pinpointed. Different entities are presented on a map together with additional information to build a situational map for decision support.

In recent months, the ProximAid app has received good recognition internationally. At the International Conference on ICT for Disaster Management, which was held in November 2015 in Rennes, France, COncORDE project partners from the University of Cyprus presented their paper entitled “ProximAid: Proximal adhoc networking to Aid Emergency response”, which went on to receive the Award for Best Paper at the Conference. The paper was written by Konstandinos Koumidis, Panayiotis Kolios, Christos Panayiotou, and Georgios Ellinas.

This year, the ProximAid app and its team of developers at the University of Cyprus was one of the entries at the 2015 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition “Communications Technology Changing the World”. The competition gives recognition to students or teams of students who demonstrate the capacity to improve the lives of people, through the application of communication technology and the development of projects that meet the human needs of people. ProximAid and the University of Cyprus received an honourable mention at the competition.

ProximAid can be downloaded from the GooglePlay store here.