EU Health Award 2015: Dedicated to NGOs Fighting Ebola

Created on Friday, 17 July 2015

The EU Health Award recognises non-governmental bodies (NGOs) that achieve positive change within their communities. The Award celebrates the commitment of NGOs and raises awareness of the important role that they play in strengthening participative democracy and active citizenship in public health. The specific themes of the award differ each year.

The Commission has announced that this year the EU Health Award will be awarded to NGOs that distinguished themselves through their effort in combating the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. With the Award, the Commission wishes to highlight the work of all NGOs that worked on the ground to help the fragile communities affected by the Ebola epidemic.

At the moment, the EU is accepting nominations for the Award. Any international, European, national or regional NGO legally registered in any of the EU Member States is eligible for the award. The EU is looking, in particular, for NGOs that carried out initiatives that either (1) benefited the health of EU citizens and the EU health workforce, or (2) worked towards the detection, control and/or elimination of the disease in the emergency area. The deadline for nominations and applications is 31st July 2015.

More information about the EU Health Award here.