COncORDE Workshop in Graz, Austria

Created on Wednesday, 03 June 2015

A COncORDE workshop was organised at the end of May in the framework of the Public Safety Communications Europe (PSCE) bi-annual Conference, which took place on 27th and 28th May in Graz, Austria.

PSCE is a key partner in the COncORDE project. The PSCE Conferences provide a platform for researchers, industry and users to exchange ideas, information, experiences and best practices. This year the PSCE Conference focused on four key topics: (1) Common Information Space; (2) SATCOM Policy; (3) Emergency Management; (4) Handling large-scale incidents.

Under the topic of “Emergency Management”, COncORDE delivered a workshop, which was led by project coordinator Toni Staykova, Cambridge University Hospitals. The workshop first introduced the COncORDE project, explaining that it aims to create a tool that can be used by all EU Member States in order to better manage both small-scale emergencies, as well as large-scale crises. A series of questions were then set out for discussion. These included:

  • What happens on the field of an incident?
  • How much does the commander know / see?
  • Is it useful to tag victims and/or responders to better visualise the emergency location?
  • What is the minimum data set necessary?
  • How can bystanders be used better as organised networks?