Red Cross Response to Plane Crash in French Alps

Created on Monday, 30 March 2015

In the morning of 24th March 2015, a Germanwings airplane crashed in the French Alps during its flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. All of the passengers and crew, a total of 150 people, died as a result of the crash.

In response to the emergency, the French Red Cross volunteers teamed up with local and national emergency public teams to work at the crash site to recover the bodies of the victims. In Barcelona, the Spanish Red Cross Teams for Immediate Response to Emergencies (ERIEs) were activated to provide psychosocial support to the families of the crash victims. Also at the crash location, the Spanish Red Cross, as well as the German Red Cross, have been providing psychosocial support.

Two temporary housing units have been established to meet the needs of those on-site in France. Transportation links have also been secured to help reach the temporary accommodation.

The French, Spanish and German Red Cross teams continue to work together to provide emotional support to affected relatives and technical advice to emergency health staff and police in managing the psychosocial variables of the situation.

More information is available in the International Red Cross Information Bulletin.