The Possibility of a Drone Ambulance

Created on Tuesday, 17 March 2015

At a recent conference, Argodesign, a company specialised in product design and development, presented a proposal for a drone ambulance.

The drone would be comprised of a quadcopter carrying a pod that would be big enough for one emergency medical technician and one patient. It would be able to fly autonomously or by a pilot and would be capable of landing just about anywhere. That means that a single pilot could be able to command a large number of drone, as human assistance would only be required for very difficult manoeuvres.

The primary benefit of a drone ambulance would be its ability to avoid ground-based traffic, thus decreasing the time it takes to get from the emergency scene to the hospital. This could ultimately save precious seconds or minutes that determine the difference between life and death for the victim.

More information is available here.