Tackling the spread of diseases with the Vecmap app

Created on Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Experts in Belgium have created a new app, called Vecmap, which combines satellite data with field research in an attempt to provide in-depth information on the spread of diseases. The data can later be used to map high-risk areas and stop the spread of infections before they become epidemics.

At the moment, individual public health authorities use a variety of systems, thus making widespread data analysis difficult. The new smartphone app collates time and location data from field work with a database using huge amounts of information to provide researchers with new insights. The app also includes various data parameters, such as vegetation type, land temperature and soil moisture, to help researchers find likely habitats for disease-spreading bugs.

The Vecmap app has so far been tested in Belgium and eleven other European countries and has been approved for wider use. Developers of the application hope that governments and health organisations will find it useful in tracking and preventing diseases.

More information is available here.