A scenario approach

Created on Monday, 25 August 2014

COncORDE develops a set of scenarios and activities tailored to the needs of people requiring emergency medical response. These scenarios are based on the experiences and expertise of the consortium partners, sets of real-life cases and a  risk analysis of threats.. Each scenario comprises a back-story with defined  actors, resources, actions, goals, rules and interdependencies, as well as stakeholders. Sets of criteria and outcome measures are  used to evaluate the success and the value added.

Two large-scale scenarios will be tested in two iterations of table-top pilots  after the use cases and smaller scenarios have been tested, integrated and validated during the platform development. The validated scenarios will be made available to the wider community and used in training of emergency response crews.

The steps to scenario creation  are listed below.

  1. Definition of user work flows and identification of gaps and needs
  2. Creation of use cases to address the gaps and needs at every step of the work flow
  3. Definition of criteria for selection of use cases for inclusion in COncORDE scenarios
  4. Prioritisation and selection of use cases
  5. Identification of possible Decision Support Points
  6. Aggregation of sets of use cases into mini-scenarios
  7. Testing of mini-scenarios for wide scale real life applicability
  8. Technical modeling, solutions, testing and validation