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The threat of mass casualty incidents is perceived as being higher than ever before. It is essential for the EU member states to unite in their efforts to be prepared and respond effectively.

At present, no single region-wide Emergency Medical System model exists for EU Member States. Even for one type of emergency, different countries have different triggering bodies and thresholds, which is largely due to locally specific geographic, political, cultural, linguistic, historical and medical settings. Case studies examining the diversity in approaches did not discover drastic differences in effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy. There is no single best or ‘one-size-fits all’ model for a national emergency response system, but rather multiple methods of organising the state responsibility which lead to similar outcomes.

The COncORDE project aims to provide a tool that can be used in all member states, irrespective of their local differences, to achieve an EU wide impact in improving coordination of emergency medical response.

A web-based platform will be developed to support and enhance the existing decision processes during medical emergencies at local, regional and cross-border level, from small incidents to large scale emergency situations.

The platform will improve the operational information flow within the emergency medical services, as well as the communication and coordination between people requiring emergency medical help, the responders and a resilient community. The ability to capture the flow of an incident, and use it to evaluate, audit, as well as train is expected to have significant impact on the preparedness of a community and on the accumulation of evidence for best practices.

There is a myriad of technology solutions that could help save lives if they could be used for emergency medical response. The majority of them are exploited in other professional sectors, such as aviation, military and space, but also a large number of valuable solutions can be found in the leisure and gaming industries. In comparison, only a small number of them is used in emergency health care settings. We collected information on the real-life use of technology and user suggestions for improved work flows.

For the purposes of the work flow analysis the emergency response has been divided in 5 spaces of work

  1. The PSAP/112 centre managing the initial alert phase
  2. The emergency medical vehicles on their way to the incident scene
  3. The Field/Incident scene
  4. The patient transport vehicles to First Receiver
  5. The First Receiver

These spaces are also depicted in the COncORDE diagram.

concorde-process concorde-process-2 concorde-process-3 concorde-process-4 concorde-process-5
We always welcome input, feedback and suggestions of users, domain experts and stakeholders that will help us further the development and testing of COncORDE, and tailor the system to fit real life practices and needs. At this phase input on technology solutions as well as venues or collaborations to test the system are of particular interest. Please provide input or express your interest in the project by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This project has received Funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programmme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 607814.


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